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  • Dimensions - (H)1100 MM x (W)300 MM x (D)340 MM
  • 4L dust container
  • Multi-cyclonic filtration
  • 9m power cord and 1.8m stretch hose
  • Detachable handle for extended cleaning use
  • 5 adjustable floor head height settings for hard floor and carpet cleaning


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  • Dimensions - (H)300 MM x (W)310 MM x (D)1061 MM
  • Easy handling with air swivel technology
  • Single cyclone filtration system
  • HEPA filter
  • 3-in-1 crevice tool and pet turbo brush
  • On-board tool storage



In Stock

  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Anti-allergy design with British Allergy Foundation Approval
  • Hygienic
  • high performance Ultra bag
  • Cleans flat to the floor
  • Telescopic Handle


5 years Warranty

100% Power, 100% of the time

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  • Dimensions - (D)24 cm
  • Computer control system
  • Anti-allergy design
  • Hygienic
  • high performance Ultra bag
  • S-CLASS filtration
  • Cleans flat to the floor


5 years Warranty

In Stock

  • Light
  • compact and powerful
  • All round cleaning excellence
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • British Allergy Foundation approved


5 years Warranty


In Stock

  • Dimensions - (H)314 MM x (W)268 MM x (D)381 MM
  • Hygienic filter system for clean exhaust air
  • AirCycle Technology- for high cleaning efficiency thanks to powerful centrifugal force.
  • Compact design- convenient cleaning due to small size and lightweight design. But with large dust box.
  • Easy hose storage- save space with a simple, compact hose storage solution that fits most cupboards.
  • Ergonomic design- For easy carrying, manoeuvring and storage.

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In Stock

  • Dimensions - (H)1100 MM x (W)220 MM x (D)243 MM
  • Steam Power Make use of the 1300W steam power and make light work of your kitchen taps, surfaces and hobs. Delivering a thorough clean while killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Simply switch the heads of the steamer to carry out a deep clean.
  • Switch from hard floor to carpet Switch easily from carpet to hard floor by removing/ adding the carpet glider attachment, the triangular shape of the head ensures easy access into corners. This Steam cleaner boast as 280ml easy fill water tank and is ready to use in under 30 seconds.
  • Built-in clipper vacuum Easily clean windows and mirrors around the home using this 12 in 1 steam cleaner which is perfect for carrying out a deep clean whilst avoiding the formation of window streaks
  • 2 in 1 paw/upholstery brush Why not get into every groove of your car. With the included range of accessories you can get your seats, alloys, rugs and more squeaky clean and 99.9% germ free.
3 years Warranty


In Stock

  • Dimensions - (H)1047 MM x (W)163 MM x (D)253 MM
  • TORNADO ESSENTIAL Is easy to use and versatile. With its Cyclonic suction technology and upright style, it will make quick work of your floors, while the long 5m cord offers convenience and manoeuvrability.
  • Dust tank and filter The dust tank with a capacity of 0.6L is designed in a way that makes it easy to clean and empty at your convenience. Washable Hepa filter, Hepa filtration sifts thorough the finest allergens and debris delivering the best results for a cleaner household.
  • Accessories Make cleaning the hard-to-reach areas around your home easier with this versatile vacuum. It can transform into a handheld vacuum and comes with crevice and upholstery brush accessories that make cleaning skirting boards, sofas, corners, curtains, and other hard-to-reach areas a breeze. These accessories are convenient and effective, making cleaning a hassle-free experience
3 years Warranty


In Stock

  • Dimensions - (H)1060 MM x (W)250 MM x (D)260 MM
  • Floor washer and Vacuum cleaner You can use it as a regular vacuum cleaner by simply pressing a button to turn off the water flow/mop function. Alternatively, you can add warm water and cleaning solution to the clean water tank to give your floors a thorough cleaning and a sparkling finish.
  • Storage Stand Keep your storage area clean and organized with the Hurricane Floor Washer and Vacuum storage stand. The base is perfect for charging and activating the self-cleaning function, ensuring that your washer is always ready to use.
  • Twin Tank Technology The unique brush is designed to scrub and wash floors for a deep clean. Plus, our separate clean and dirty water tanks ensure that you're always using fresh, clean water to clean your floors without releasing dirty water back onto your floor.
  • Tank Strainer The tank strainer is designed to separate and trap debris, making it easy to clean. To ensure the best performance, it is important to clean the dirty tank regularly.
3 years Warranty


In Stock

  • Dimensions - (H)210 MM x (W)130 MM x (D)330 MM
  • All-in-one vacuum for all pet lovers Complimenting a crevice tool to get rid of any remaining hair left around your home, an extra-large 2.3L Dust tank which is easy to empty and an easy carry handle for portability.
  • 2 types of hairbrushes The Grooming Brush and the De-Shedding tool both work to gently remove loose hair from both top and bottom coats, leaving your pets hair shiny, smooth and tangle free.
  • Built-in clipper vacuum Ensures that 99% of the shaved hair is sucked straight into your vacuum leaving your home hair free. Combined with the low noise level <65dB this is a vacuum your pet won’t fear.
  • 2 in 1 paw/upholstery brush This handy tool ensures you clear any dirt and loose hairs from on or between your pets’ paws but also works to remove unwanted hair from your upholstery.
3 years Warranty


In Stock

  • Dimensions - (H)230 MM x (W)200 MM x (D)340 MM
  • Powerful 500W appliance for effective cleaning
  • Fixed speed operation for consistent performance
  • Water tank capacity of 480ml for extended cleaning sessions
  • Dirty tank capacity of 900ml efficiently collects used water
  • Water Spray Rate- Around 150ml per minute for controlled and efficient water application
3 years Warranty

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